Reading the recent past.

In the search for a couple poems to submit for this year’s Poem Gallery at the Vancouver Island Regional Library (Nanaimo Harbourfront branch), I have found a few forgotten or half-forgotten poetic gems.  Unfortunately, those particular ones were either too long or merely inappropriate.  It was wonderful to re-discover them, though.  Now that they are in my mind, I will find a place for them out in the world.

This thought leads me to the question:  for those of you who are writers, how do you feel about posting your work online on blogs, social networking sites, and other similar venues (as opposed to online literary journals)?  Do you feel that the risks of theft of your work are worth the benefit of getting it out there?  

The risk of such theft has led me to hesitate before posting my work on web sites other than literary journals or magazines.  However, given the high rate of rejections that many writers (including myself) face, I wonder if posting my work on my blog or a similar site would be a good move.  What do you think?


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