Poem Gallery unveiling

The Nanaimo Harbourfront Library had its Poem Gallery unveiling last Sunday, and I read my two poems there.  I chose my poems “Shine” and “Forgotten for Pennies” for the Poem Gallery.  I also got to hear a number of other poets read their poems.

It was a good experience.  My spouse Arbie even recorded the event for CHLY 101.7 FM, the campus and community radio station here in Nanaimo.  I think he’s about done editing it.

It would have been even better if I could have mingled with the poets afterwards.  However, as we had our daughter with us, we had to take turns with minding her.  She sat through the first half of the readings fairly well.  Then Arbie took her off to the children’s area.

Of course, the assumption is that I would have actually talked to people rather than stand around awkwardly and quietly.  🙂

If/when Arbie gets a podcast of the reading up, I’ll link to it here.

If you’re in this town and want to see them, my poems are on the inside of the library’s Poem Gallery.  (Some of the poems face out onto the Diana Krall Plaza and some face inside the library.)


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