Bea is back!

This evening, I finished organizing the second edition of Bea and other poems and had the first copy printed.

Why a second edition?  A few months after publishing the first edition (last summer), I discovered a Bea poem that had missed my meticulous poem-gathering.  Wanting all the Bea poems together, I decided to put together a second edition.  This edition includes the re-discovered Bea poem, a Bea fragment, and two other previously unpublished poems.

The second edition will officially be launched on Sunday, June 24.  On that day, I will be holding a poetry reading at 1 p.m. at the Nanaimo Harbourfront Library with my friend and fellow author Katje van Loon.  Katje will be promoting the re-release of her poetry book glasstown.  I’m excited about the upcoming reading.  If you are in town, please come check it out.

For more information about purchasing Bea, check out the Books to Buy link.  🙂

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