NaPoWriMo #8

I missed writing and posting a poem yesterday, as I was reading a couple poems at the Nanaimo Downtown Library’s Poem Gallery 2013 opening.  Good thing I was already one poem ahead.  🙂  The first stanza of today’s poem was written on March 21 of this year; the rest of it was written today.  Here’s the poem:

Angry bees, angry bees
little drops of blood like pollen
stinging thoughts
sting and sting                                                 and die
shake them out, shake them out

The hive is full                        the hive is lost
my fingers a thrumming staccato
not quick enough        enough

The honey is gone       honey is faked
fanciful escape
my feet are sore           my body aches
can’t take        can’t take
can’t take this anymore

Angry bees, angry bees
shimmer and shake
mundane mundane small talk
is there fire for smoke?
© 2013 Robin A. Sams


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