NaPoWriMo #17

If I could wrap intent
in words and throw
it high beyond expectation
and human wonder
if I could tap a single cell
in my body and command
the limits I could exceed
and choose not to
the floodlights of all the stars
a center          creator

then there would be no sticks
for blood            no cups
no good intentions to say
low-carb is the way
losing weight will cure
for the moment
coax eggs to go free
rather than wilt
failed balloons
then drugs                  you remember
it made you sick
make you sicker       unbearable trips
bathroom after bathroom
and the golden egg
pushed out by pills

after acupressure lapsed
potions bubbled        evaporation
self-imposed restrictions a tenuous hold

you can’t do it alone

and why this stardust
that does not shine
like all the rest?
why this feat of years
to conquer primal desire?
why me?

I strangle whys all month
to a plus and minus sign.

© 2013 Robin A. Sams


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