NaPoWriMo #23

Today’s poem has the potential to be part two of yesterday’s poem Systemic Panic Attacks.

The clock ticks
loud as a heartbeat
Morning comes and    somehow
I am not here.
There is a story
there was a girl

she ate and grew
she shrank and grew
to the ticking of a clock
things changed                freedom
the body is love
eventually        marriage
always the wordws

there was a woman
writing herself out of cages
into stories
where there was no longer a girl

always the ticking
and I know this is wrong
Why can no one see?
I will not bleed my bones
to dust to claw up
to the broken Dream
I have other dreams

There was land
there were flowers,
lavender and mint
there was dirt
I dug in my hands
raw solar fields blessing technology
there were children

Why can no one see?
We hold hands                        the paths
we sought to walk

the burden of eagles
over ants

blind to this tender joy
alive                 a life in spite
of clocks.


© 2013 Robin A. Sams


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