The Doctor Is Never Female

While I have not posted much on my blog in a few months, I have been pondering blog posts and writing poems.  With the pending announcement of the actor who will be playing the twelfth Doctor on Doctor Who, my favourite TV show, I felt it appropriate to post the following poem.  It was written in early June.  There has been a good deal of debate over whether the Doctor could be, will be, or even should be  played by a woman.  Personally, I think it would awesome if the Twelfth Doctor were androgynous or even genderqueer.  I’m not so hopeful that will be.  Here is the poem:

The Doctor Is Never Female

I want to say that
because you are a man
you are sexist
it isn’t fair (don’t speak
to me of fairness)
and isn’t always true
so let me speak
of privilege      white privilege     heterosexual privilege
male privilege

and you can defend,
“the idea that the Doctor
might be a woman
began as a joke.
It’s still a joke.”
And who is laughing?

Let us have our strong
female assistants     companions     children,
you say,
as if stereotypes melt away
in stereotypical screaming
or stereotypical good looks
flirting hotness
as if it should be enough
to be the sidekick.

Orlando did alright,
but you may be right.
Maybe the BBC is more old, white men
at the thought.

© 2013 Robin A. Sams


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