Another hopeful year

Alright.  New year, new attempt to post regularly.  I am striving to be more consistent with several things I enjoy this year:  writing and belly dancing.  Writing and dance are alike.  You take basic elements/moves and put them together to create something beautiful, something fun, something exquisitely personal that can be enjoyed beyond the personal.

Things I am doing to attain this consistency:  sending at least one submission a week and dancing three times a week.  (I will be reviewing the writing plan in April.)  I’ve also been attempting to get up early on my days off from my paying job to write for at least an hour.  That plan has not been working so well, as I have been losing time in the evenings and going to bed too late, which makes me too tired to get up when the alarm chimes at me.  Even when I endeavour to get to bed by a set time, the sand slips away and it is too late.  So I need to re-organize my evening routines, I suppose.

Anyway, here I am again on my blog, hoping to post the blog entries I think up as I wait for the bus after work or as I sew something fun or necessary for me or my loved ones.


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