A thought on my blog so far

I was thinking about another blog post to write today and how I should write something positive. I don’t want this blog to be solely a place to vent. I was reminded of a quote from Amanda F. Palmer’s “Dear Daily Mail” video/song, to which I linked in my last post.  I should make it the subtitle of my blog:  “blah blah blah feminist  blah blah blah gender [stuff].”  (I’d change the last word, because I’m not big on swearing.  Swearing can be useful and powerful, but I think it should be wielded carefully and used sparingly.  Too often, I hear it used as everyday words.  As a side note, I am not saying that Amanda Palmer does not wield her swears carefully, although she does swear a lot. 🙂 )


written February 27, 2014


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