NaPoWriMo #24

Earthworms from Sidewalks

The rain is just settling in.
Already they are washed out
across sidewalks, at the edges of roads.
Rushing my way off
to bus and work,
I pause.
A big one slides near the edge.
I pick up
needing both hands
for the slippery, slimy worm
carry to the grass     to the dirt.
Then there are the puddles at the corner.
I scan them, scan them
hoping to stop the pulse of drown
and there, one I can barely pick
up    Curl up, little worm, curl up.
And the worm curls.
And I carry the worm
to the grass      to the soil.
Too many to save.
Am I saving them?
Am I hampering their hard-won journey
to the other side  Other Side?
Am I dipping a toe
to stop a flood?
Trying to save a life
in the morning.

© 2014 by Robin A. Sams


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