coming to terms with Taiji

A few nights ago, I watched the documentary The Cove.  It was such a horrifying, important film.  I still have not processed all I’ve seen.  This poem I wrote a couple days ago is my first attempt at making sense of such a morally bankrupt, heart-breaking thing we humans are allowing to continue five YEARS after the release of this film.

Eyes Open

I am bleeding Taiji
thousands of screams gone silent
the red sea   the red sea
the last of our humanity,
salt in the wound,
vanishing in the gleam of a dozen spears
the sound of hundreds and thousands
of dollars shuffling
the blackout of media too scared to see
see     sea     see the red sea
the blood sea     the dead
hauled by rope and boat
mystery meat at the market
mercury in the blood      nature’s revenge
our innocents eaten, too
and hidden by signs     by screams
by unmarked police cars tailing
what don’t you want us to see?
see    see    the bleeding in Taiji.

© 2014 by Robin A. Sams


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