My unspeakable wife Queen Lisa

The neutrality of my last post came completely apart by Halloween.  That afternoon, the wave of betrayal swept over me.  How could he?  How could he do these things to those women? How could he do this to us Früheads?  How could he do this to his fans?  How could he…?

And I am past it.  I am reading less but still listening.  I am hopeful at the re-connecting with fellow Früheads but sad that this was the reason for our re-connection.  I sincerely hope Jian gets the help he needs.  I also sincerely hope the women involved are able to heal.

While some people are questioning whether to throw out their old Früvous CDs, I am not.  (The blog to which I just linked raises some valid questions; I think everyone is inconsistent when it comes to these questions.  Humans make decisions based on emotions and rationalized thinking a lot.)  Jian Ghomeshi was one-fourth of Moxy Früvous.  He wasn’t the frontman, as some news articles have called him.  He was one out of four members.  I haven’t actually listened to their music much in many years.  I know some fellow Früheads are listening to their music now to aid in the processing of this whole business.  The show In the Red on the local campus and community radio station here played “King of Spain” last night.  That’s a Dave song, and one of the band’s best songs (in my opinion).  I turned it up and remembered the joy.



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