Florian Mehnert update

Due to the past week (my birthday week) being so hectic, I’ve only just gotten around to following up where my last post left off.

From Florian Mehnert’s website:

“The art experiment ’11 DAYS’ has achieved its full impetus and has ended 17 March, 2015 at 19:00 CET.

“The rat is alive and was taken out of the installation.

“The artistic intention of the experiment was never to actually allow the shooting of the rat.”

I think I’ll just quote myself here from my previous post:  “…Perhaps by the end of the eleven days, he’ll feel content that his point is made, and he will not go through with killing a real, live animal in the name of art.  I can hope.  It seems like something a shock artist might do.  Rile people up, make your point, then grant mercy and be given publicity for doing the compassionate thing in the end; just as the artist may hope people and governments will do the compassionate thing in the end and stop drone warfare/surveillance.  It doesn’t make the artist any less of a jerk, though.”

Hurray!  The rat is saved!  Hurray!  Awareness of the horrors of drone warfare has been raised.  Boo to threatening cruelty to make your point.

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