NaPoWriMo #7

I wrote this poem last night in the bath and am just getting around to typing it up and posting it.  I did small amount of editing (added a couple lines to the next to last stanza) today. Here you go:


How do you survive other people’s wishes?
the guilt of all they’ve done       all they do
for you     for you
weighing down             a house of bricks
This is what we want to do.
Don’t you want it, too?
No    and no     and I don’t want to hurt
you for all your I love you, buts.

How do you survive other people’s definitions?
my ring finger is shrinking     wedding ring keeps slipping   slipping
all the lullabies to the moon
and in the terrible box     my dreams are shrieking
the baby cries ghostly drifting away
the pretty, pretty hobbit house of earth and gardens
homegrown food to eat
taste of sunshine        glory of land
children’s feet running through fields
hands feeding rescued cows
the glimmer of known enough
as I am signing books with my name
for fans, those fast, formidable friends
the happy face     the happy face
infinity heart       the terrible box
that glistens my tears like a razor’s edge.

How do you survive other people?
they shape you with their little lies
never struck you   struck you     that fresh memory of a belt
stinging out the hateful tears
or the hesitation   yes, he’s alright   alright
he was waiting for Death
they shape you with what they hide
the queer histories     the Secret Keeper’s scent
they shape you with what you find
the readers    the questions scrawled in Bibles
volunteers in the wide world      helping hands

You survive if you can.
And what if I can’t
what if I can’t?        Do I let go
let go the soft wisp of want
for the deadened march of duty
of ought     of other people’s marks
on my skin?

© 2015 by Robin A. Sams


3 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo #7

    1. Aww.

      I often read and write while in the bath, when I have a bath. I also have loooong baths.

      As to your talent, don’t base it on how others work. You pair your words with bold images. That is interesting. 🙂

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