NaPoWriMo #11

Today’s poem was written while listening to Florence + The Machine’s newest single “Ship to Wreck.”

Anchor Hitch

Time for a confession,
between the sheets
and under the terror of the grown-up sky:
I don’t know     I wasn’t trained for this
trained to make you kneel
to open you like the delicate tea
opens the captain’s lips
but I cannot sail this ship.
I know port from starboard
but ask me more than the words
to “Friggin’ in the Riggin’”
and I don’t know what a square-rigged ship is.
Lull me to sleep with your waves
your cries for more    your gasping promises
of what?  of love   of sailing me to you     of a red-eye flight
of red eyes salt-wept with what is not happening?
the temptation to be true is not my siren song.
I have battened down the hatches
too many times
the sea    the rain    the sky    is still washing in.
I cannot sail this ship
alone   I am seeking a crew.

© 2015 by Robin A. Sams


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