NaPoWriMo #23

I ended up not getting this poem written until just now.  I am currently reading Kushiel’s Chosen.  The main character Phèdre and her Cassiline Joscelin are killing me   I finished chapter forty last night.  This poem is inspired by the previous two chapters.


the grey sky hangs an ominous sign
your robes swish
as you walk out the doors
all the pieces, all the pieces
left in that bed of luxury
where, hurt, we loved out
despair, desire, duty

and you left.

I push it aside
for the red-rimmed drama of intrigue
for now,
my little self whispering,
If he hadn’t been so stubborn
over a vow…
as though he isn’t human
enough to feel.
We could have been….

I walk into the hornets’ nest
guarded well enough
but not enough,
my whole body aching
for you.

© 2015 by Robin A. Sams


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