NaPoWriMo #25

I originally wrote this poem on April 20 for Poetry Gabriola’s PerFARMance event.  Foodies were paired up with wordies to create a work.  My foodie Sigrid, a member of the Vegeteers, came up with the theme of the poem:  questions/comments vegans often hear.  I wrote the poem.  It debuted at the event last night.  As I am a little behind on NaPoWriMo, I decided to place it as #25 in that series.  Enjoy.


1.  Where do you get protein?

from the ground
nuts fallen from trees        shaky shells
cracking in the hands
hunter-gatherer style
seeds and seeds
the spark of life
the still heart of beans
the cream of the protein trade
grains blowing in the breeze
holding their husks on tight
like planets’ rings
tofu, of course, blocked
marinated and turned out
all the little things   little things
you wouldn’t think
like green peas and greens greens
that is the word
the key to a life this free

 2.  I couldn’t live without─!

air in your lungs,
water filling your liquid body,
a roof overhead and walls to keep out
the wind, the rain, the world sometimes,
sleep to repair what the world has let in,
food, yes, but what do you need?
more fruits and vegetables than anything,
because we need relief from the pain

3.  Veganism is Privilege for the well-to-do.

if you indulge in the big business
of natural foods,
protein shakes, rainforest superfoods,
bottle after bottle of vitamins gleaming,
organics with a market
in the way of you and the farmer,
it can be.
my welfare struggling doesn’t matter
in the face
of your “don’t be #NotAllVegans about it.”

4.  I’d miss pizza/cheese/chocolate/ice cream.

give it a twist
yes, and learn a different language
that is what it means to put down your fork
learn the words of substitution
embrace the song of different
and maybe, just maybe
so much better in your mouth.

5.  I don’t want to be left out.

to belong
is a need, no lie.
sometimes it is hard
to find your kind
sometimes you will be lonely
sometimes you will be alone
and not alone.
share as you can:
food, your view, your heart.
sometimes you have to raise
your voice
and listen
for the answering call.

© 2015 by Robin A. Sams


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