New Poetry Series!

After a week’s delay due to illness, I am excited to announce that I have started a new poetry series available exclusively on  Channillo is a literary series subscription web site.

My new series is titled The Colour of Her Mind.  It is a series of blackout poems created from The Color of Her Panties by Piers Anthony.  The Color of Her Panties is a Xanth series novel I re-read last summer.  I loved the Xanth series as an adolescent.  As an adult, I dislike the books.  Yes, there are still the many puns that won me over in younger years; however, there is also the misogyny.

After last summer’s re-read, I pondered what to do with my collection of Xanth (and Incarnations of Immortality series) novels.  Sell them?  Donate them to the local literacy second-hand book store?  Then came the idea for blackout poems, a creative response to the dilemma.

The first poem “Mermen” is up and ready for reading, with two other poems slated for release this week.  I intend to release a few blackout poems each week for six months.

Channillo charges $2.59 per month to view one series.  As the author, I will see a significant portion of that money once I reach the $50 minimum threshold.

Please purchase a subscription and support my work!


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