Supporting a Writer is Lunch Money

I forgot to include this little incident in my post about the Cascadia Poetry Festival, so I decided to give it its own blog post.  Sunday morning, I had gone to the Small Press Fair with the intent to buy books.  I stopped by a table of books by Festival presenters, as I wanted to buy Christine Lowther‘s book Half-Blood Poems.  I had been by this table a couple times at that point and still wasn’t sure who was accepting money for the books.

Christine Lowther happened to be standing nearby.  I greeted her and mentioned my dilemma in purchasing her book.  She thought the woman at the attached table (who was the publisher of the Festival’s anthology) was handling the Festival presenters’ book purchases.  However, Ms. Lowther told me I could just buy the book from her.

As I did so, she made the comment that now she had money for lunch.

This.  This is what you are supporting, dear readers, when you buy from authors and artists (directly or from small middlepeople, such as small presses).  You are buying them lunch.  Or you are paying their cab fare.  Or you are helping them pay rent. When you buy an author’s book or another artist’s artwork, you are supporting the various necessities and small luxuries that keep the artist alive, well, and creating.


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