June start writing/personal update

Things have been way too quiet around here.  Time for an update.

In my writing life, I have been diligently working on my poetry series at Channillo.com.  I have also been working on my fantasy novel.  I’ve been writing notes, taking down names I like from a baby name book, and actually writing the novel.  I’m almost to 4.5K words.  Of course, I feel like it should be more, because I’m not writing it every day and feel that I should.  Ah, well.

I also have a book review published in Island Parent magazine’s June issue (page 33 of the magazine; page 35 of the magazine viewer).  I reviewed the book Puberty:  Coming to a Body Near You! by local, certified Sexual Health Educator Kerri Isham.  You can purchase a copy of her book here.

I received two new books of poetry this past month courtesy of the Big Poetry Giveaway.  Hurray!

I also have a poem set to appear in the forthcoming issue of Island Writer magazine.

In other news, early summer weather has hit the west coast of Canada. Sunshine mixed with cool breezes most days.  There hasn’t been enough rain yet, and our city of Nanaimo is starting level three water restrictions this Saturday.

Our homeschooling/unschooling year technically ended a couple weeks ago.  At least the part where we send in weekly reports to the Learning Consultant of our Distributed Learning program has ended.  My daughter is still learning.  Learning, learning.

Big things are happening for us personally later this summer.  More on that later.

Go enjoy the sunshine if you have it.  Stay in and read or write if you don’t.  😉


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