Poetry in Transit

This month I’m excited to report that my poetry is now on local buses!  My poems “bus ride,” which originally appeared in text lit magazine in March 2015, and “Recognize” were accepted for Nanaimo’s Poetry in Transit program.  The program was started by Nanaimo’s first poet laureate Naomi Beth Wakan.


The unveiling for the program was held at the Nanaimo Harbourfront library last Saturday, where I and a number of the other Poetry in Transit poets read our work.  There was also a bus parked outside displaying some of the selected poems.


A few days before the unveiling, my daughter spotted my poem “Recognize” on the bus.  A few minutes later, I saw that my other poem was just above our heads on the bus.

Since then, I’ve enjoyed seeing the variety of poetry on the bus.

I thought it was interesting when I first heard about the Poetry in Transit program being launched, there was a comment made that implied that us local poets don’t bus.  I don’t have a vehicle and don’t drive, so bussing (and occasionally carpooling) and walking are the ways I get around this town.  I know the bus.

Now the bus can know a piece of me in my poetry.

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