Well, I’ve lapsed in my blogging again.  It’s summer.  I’ve also been occupied by personal stresses and the impending US election (yes, I’ve sent in my voter registration).

I did want to do a post, however, to let you all know about two great anthologies published in June in which I am excited to have work.

The first anthology is a Prince tribute published by Yellow Chair Review.  It’s called A Prince Tribute …only wanted one time to see you laughing and can be purchased here. My poem “Now you are gone” found a home there among sexy, sweet, sad, and beautiful poems draped in purple.

The second anthology is called Unrequited:  An Anthology of Love Poems About Inanimate Objects and is edited by Kelly Ann Jacobson.  It can be purchased here or here. My poem “Singer” found good company in this anthology that features poems to food, appliances, backyard decor, nature, and more.

As I am not sure how frequent my blogs will be for the next little while, if you want to keep up with me you can catch me on Twitter.  I post things about writing, politics, food, and personal stuff on there.

Enjoy your July!

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